A Serialized Motion Picture

Family Overview

How well do you know your family? Your friends? Your neighbors? Do you know their secrets and lies? Their desires. Their deceits? And who among them would openly expose the depths of those emotions. Early on Jonathan Longacre was committed to saving mankind, easing their pain, smoothing the bumps in the road. As a psychotherapist, he is a success. As a mere mortal, he maybe as clueless as the rest of us. That includes all the Longacres'. In outward appearance they are accomplished and comfortable. Jonathan is the loving husband to a lovely wife, Caitlin. She has raised their two beautiful teenage children and is now back in college pursuing her personal interests and past dreams. Sean and Sierra, 18 and 17, respectively, want for nothing. Except maybe the guarantee that their futures will be as rosy as a stained glass window. And the assumption that you don't have to work for it. You'll never be disappointed or frightened. You'll just feel the good stuff. And the lies and deceits won't count. Blend in Jonathan's brother Marty, a struggling alcoholic, brought into the Longacre home in order to save him from a prison term and you have a diverse, conflicted family in transition. Jonathan loves his wife and is loved in return. But they both feel their love is unrequited and seek something more. Sean and Sierra stumble as teenagers often do, while brother Marty fights the battle of known as alcoholism. Hearts and minds are revealed slowly and carefully when love is more certain than betrayal. Come with us on an excursion into these complicated lives ... and possibly gain some insight into your own.





Jonathon is a loving husband, and father of two. With a degree from Harvard and years of experience as a therapist, Jonathon opened his own practice. His deep compassion for people has driven him to become one of the most well respected therapists in his field. Specializing in criminal behavior, he has published three critically acclaimed books on the criminal mind. Unfortunately, his dedication to his work, and a few skeletons from his past threaten to disrupt the classic family structure that he holds so dear.


The last seventeen years of Caitlin’s life have been that of a full time mother and wife. Now her children are grown up and getting more and more independent every day. Caitlin finds herself asking, “What next?” In search of answers Caitlin has returned to school to study therapy. Perhaps studying therapy will help her understand her husband’s overzealous dedication to the craft. Perhaps it will help her understand her own feeling of loss, as her children grow older. Or maybe it will help her rediscover herself, and find a new identity after motherhood.


Marty has spent his last few years fighting the battle against alcoholism which led him to the brink of a prison sentence. Fortunately, his successful brother, Jonathon, decided to take him in. Now he lives in the guesthouse of the nicest house in the neighborhood. Marty attempts to hide his pain by doing impressions and telling jokes, but deep down he aches to have the success of his brother.


Sean is the troubled child of the family. He is angry at the world for not understanding who he is, when in truth, he’s not sure himself and needs more genuine contact with his father. Deep down he feels like the invisible man in search of approval. It’s a losing battle, so he acts out to get the attention of his family. Bad attention is better than none at all.


Bright, attractive and talented, Sierra has grown into womanhood, but not yet experienced it. She desperately searches for the right man to guide her to that next stage in her life. At the same time she’s scared to step into adulthood. Her mixed signals and indecisiveness will leave men in a wake of confusion.

An American Dream...

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