Marisa Petroro as Michele

This New Jersey native received her first break in Hollywood from director David Lynch in a national spot for Clear Blue Easy. She has had recurring roles on Young and Restless and the Pretender and has played the pregnant hippie chic in Tomcats and Christina Ricci's sorority sister in Pumpkin. Current projects circulating in film festivals include an alcoholic soap actress in Sex, Politics and Cocktails and roles in White Blossom, Ragtop Daydream and a Charlie's Angels girl in I Am Stamos starring John Stamos. Marisa recently starred in No Witness with Jeff Fahey and Corey Feldman, an offbeat action thriller recently premiering in Atlanta. Future projects include Flatland with Dennis Hopper and a left-wing terrorist in the independent film Wait Means Never. Marisa, a cancer survivor of more than 10 years, is currently in the beginning stages of a documentary based on her diagnosis, Rhabdomyosarcoma.

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